Description: An abrasion resistant high strength castable for use up to 1200°C. The matrix is very hard, and fracture will occur right through the aggregate grains.

Physical properties: Bulk density:  2,25g/cm³
Cold crushing strength:  100 to 150MPa
Permanent linear change: -0,2% after 800°C
Thermal conductivity: 1,6W/mK

Chemical analysis:

Al2O3 46.0%
FE2O3 0.9%
SiO2 49.0%

Installation: Place +7,5% water in a planetary (bakery type) mixer. Add half of the powder and mix until fluid. Add another quarter of the powder and mix until fluid. Slowly add the last quarter of powder, keeping the mix fluid. This will take about 5 minutes. The result is a self-levelling fluid.

25kg plastic bags