Description; Kerasic is alumina bonded silicon carbide. The main problem with silicon carbide is that it oxidises to silica. The alumina bond reacts with the silica to form a mineral called mullite, which has a needle like structure and imparts high strength, and has a melting point of 1850ºC. Kerasic is not as electrically conductive as other silicon carbide materials. Kerasic is a very fine grained material which can be poured like thick cream. Very detailed castings can be made with wall thicknesses down to 2mm. Plates have been made 300mm x 300mm x 5mm thick. The surface texture is very smooth, and the abrasion resistance of fired parts is excellent. The strength increases with repeated firing.

Cold crushing strength; 50 - 120 MPa

Chemical analysis;
Al2 O3      34.0%
SiO2           2.0%
SiC           58.0%
CaO           6.0%

Packaging; 25kg plastic bags.

Water addition for pouring; +12% vibration casting; +9%