Kerabrade D is a bauxite based abrasion resistant material.  It is expensive and requires very intensive mixing in a planetary(bakery type) mixer.  It is a high silica fume vibration castable.  It is used mainly for precast shapes, since the dryout is difficult due to the very low porosity and permeability.

Maximum service temperature;  1200°C

Maximum particle size;  3mm

Bulk density after 110°C;  2,75g/cm³

Thermal conductivity at 800°C;  2,0W/mK

Cold Crushing Strength dried 110°C;  130MPa. (Rings like steel)

Chemical analysis;  

Al₂O₃           78%

Fe₂O₃          1,6%

SiO₂             10%

CaO              7%

MgO            0,5%                                

Na₂O           0,2%

K₂O             0,1%

Mixing;  Add +6% to +7% water and mix for 12 minutes in a planetary mixer.  Initially the material will appear bone dry.  Puddling technique may be used.  Any deviation or short cuts will not achieve high strength.  Setting time is 2 to 6 hours.

Drying is very tricky, over 5 days for large castings.  Let us do it.

Packaging;  25kg polyethylene bags.

Shelf life;  Dodgy, better to use within 2 weeks.

Development no.  72303

Claimer;  This data had better be correct, since Dave Onderstall rests his reputation on it.