Description:   Alumina based abrasion resistant castable.

This is new technology, previous high abrasion resistant ceramics are based on high additions of silica fume.   Keralcast has only 1% silica and can therefore be used at high temperatures, up to 1750ºC with virtually no molten phase present.

Density:     3.06 g/cm³

Max particle size:   5mm

Thermal conductivity:     2W/mK

Water addition:   Extremely low: +4.5%

Mixing: 7 minutes in a bakery mixer or 20 minutes in a pan mixer.

The consistency can be adjusted from putty to self-flowing, as preferred.

The setting time can be adjusted from half an hour to 6 hours, as preferred.

Testing:   Try to grind it on a bench grinder.

Shelf life:   2 years.

Packaging: 25 kg plastic bags.

Project no.   1142

Claimer:   This data sheet had better be correct because Dave Onderstall stakes his reputation on it.