A very high strength SCC (self compacting concrete). It differs from Dump Mixes in that it can be carried in buckets, but direct discharge into moulds or shuttering is preferred. Kerabrade A is self leveling and self de-airing and requires no vibration. It is derived from Perimeter 1 which was developed for quick setting ultra thin perimeter walls;  It develops 136 MPa in 4 days. Not for use at high temperatures. It is volume stable. Wear; It should wear to a smooth surface, because the matrix is as hard as the aggregate. (Most abrasion resistant materials become rough as the aggregate protrudes.) Kerabrade A is therefore ideal for ore chutes and sliding applications.

Maximum particle size is 7mm.

Density;   2,38

Mixing;     3 bags plus one polycan.

             78 weight parts powder to 22 weight parts liquid binder.

             100:28 or +28% liquid binder.

Flow time; 20 minutes.

Strip time; 3 hours

Packaging; 3 x 26kg bags plus 1x 22kg polycan of liquid binder for every 100kg.

Shelf life: 1 year.

Development No: 151568

Claimer; This provisional data sheet is incomplete. Kerabrade A is a new product and more data will be added as it becomes available.