Keragun D is a dense, wear resistant gunning material for use in areas exposed to extreme abrasion.

Good for high velocity ducting, bunkers, feed chutes and discharge chutes. The aggregate is highest purity bauxite, and the matrix contains tabular alumina.

Maximum service temperature; up to 1200°C

Maximum particle size; 3mm.

Use an expert gunning operator to get optimal results.

Chemical analysis;  

Al₂O₃                         78%

SiO₂ + CaO + MgO       17%

Fe₂O₃ + Na₂O +K₂O     ‹4%

Rebound:                    ±7%

Density:                     dried 110 ̊C :         2,7

Cold crushing strength:            dried 110 ̊C : 130 MPa

Packaging;                          25Kg thick polythene bags, 40 bags per pallet.

Development no. 164900

Claimer; This data had better be correct, since Dave Onderstall rests his reputation on it.