A high strength abrasion resistant castable.

Applications:  Filling the ends of alumina tile lined pipes, and any parts where tiles are impractical to install.

Maximum service temperature:  1300°C.

Maximum particle size: 3mm

Density dry:        2.63g/cm³

Cold crushing strength: 110°C; 80 to 150 MPa

Water addition: +6, 2%

Preparation: mix intensively in a pan mixer or bakery mixer for 7 to 10minutes.   For long working times, add 0, 2% boric acid to 85713 or buy 85776 with boric acid already added. With this retarder it can be kept in the mixer for half an hour without loss of strength.   Without retarder it sets in 10 minutes after mixing.

Composition: Silicon carbide.

High% of 70% alumina calcium aluminate cement.

High% extremely reactive alumina

High% top quality silica fume.

Packing : 10kg plastic bag

Shelf life 9 months

Development number: 85713 and 85776

Claimer: The above information had better be correct as Dave Onderstall stakes his reputation on it.