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1.  Induction Coil Coating:    A hard, strong, 93% alumina putty for protecting coils.  Use it between coils and as a thin cover to prevent                                                     molten metal contact.

 2. Kerasic:          A hard strong, abrasion resistant material for inside the coils. Make it into a sleeve or skid rails.

 3. Hollocast 1:   An inexpensive, pleasure to install, quick setting insulation material. Use it as a support outside of the coils to keep them                              straight and in line. Easy to break out without destroying the coils.

 4. Glyptal:          A red insulating paint to prevent electrical shorting between coils.

 5.Electrical Paint:   A higher temperature resistant alternative to Glyptal. Use on slings. Dip the sling into the paint, switch it on for a few                                     seconds and remove it. Switch on for another 10 seconds to dry and harden it.

 6. Kerinduct 2:    A dry spiking lining of spinel forming composition. Expands on sintering to make a tight lining. Use as a working lining                                    in coreless induction furnaces for melting stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

 7. Chloresist:      A solid, almost impervious castable lining for channel induction furnaces.   Use for zinc especially.

 8. Mica sheet:   Use for a slip plane between Kerinduct 2 and the Induction Coil Coating.

 9. Asbestos  Board:  A durable, heat resistant board for the end plates of induction coils and the tops of coreless                                                                           induction furnaces.  stock boards 1m x 1m x 20mm.

 10. Capping:   A very fast setting material to give a decent hard capping against which a "gwala " can be levered. It requires                                                no heat to set.

 11. Kerapatch:   An excellent hot patching material.

 12. Slag Coagulant:    To thicken the slag and enable its removal.

 13. Keratherm:   An insulation cover which spreads nicely. Carbon free.

 14. Keraplas Ramming:   An excellent ramming material with green chromic oxide.