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Keratuff has an exceptionally high strength to density ratio, which makes it suitable for thin walled shapes such as launders or runners.

Keratuff has a very fine microstructure of closed pores which, gives it excellent thermal insulation properties. Used as a launder, the heat losses of the molten metal are considerably reduced and skull does not form easily.

Ketatuff is non-wetting to aluminum, so that the metal flows cleanly, smoothly and rapidly.

The above factors eliminate metal freezing in a well-controlled operation, so that no cleaning is ever required.

Keratuff is very easily patched by hand, using keratuff. The bond is assisted by fibres which, protrude from broken surfaces. (Fibres do not protrude from the surface of cast or plastered surfaces.) Patching dries easily and rapidly. Preheat or drying is not deemed necessary.

Keratuff can easily be cut or machined. It is asbestos free and non-toxic.

From the above it will be clear that Keratuff is fundamentally superior to dense castables, has all the ideal characteristics for aluminium launders, and should be treated very differently. Keratuff should be treated as a permanent lining, not a short-lived consumable material.

Full technical specifications are available on the Keratuff data sheet.