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Keramicalia started with asbestos replacements in the 1980’s.   A vast number of people and organizations have worked on this problem, and most of them spent a fortune and got no direct reward.   Keramicalia had many successes, but the spinoffs from everyone’s work gave more than ample reward.   I am not sure that going to the moon justified the cost, but certainly the technology spinoffs justified the cost. The first one was;

LAGGING:   Insulag was developed to replace asbestos lagging. Mineral wool with galvanized cladding was the main competitor. Insulag wins when it comes to valves and joints and any irregularities or complications, mineral wool is cheaper for straight pipe sections.

ASBESTOS CEMENT:   Keratuff 1 is the answer. It has the extreme strength, can be made into boards and pipes, is weatherproof and tough. It beats asbestos cement by having excellent thermal insulation.   It can also be easily and safely cut with an angle grinder.   It can also be plastered.

ARC CHUTES:   We have done a lot of work on this flash heating application.   Our work continues in partnership with an established asbestos cement board manufacturer.   We have not yet reached the desired electrical insulation properties with board.   However, we did try another approach with zirconium silicate, making complex arc chutes easily and cheaply. If an arc chute fails, you get an immediate result. If it works, it gets lost in the system and nobody can find it. We have some “Electricast ” arc chutes lost in systems, where they are hopefully still working.

SINDANYO BOARD:   We cannot make this yet, but we still have some stock of 20mm thick square metre boards. Still made with asbestos. Our cement board is a substitute.

FABRIC:   We have sold cloth under the name keratex for many years. The first ones were very poor. The present Keratex is good, 2mm thick with stainless steel wire interwoven for strength.

TAPES, SEALS and PACKINGS: We do not stock these, as the variety of products is enormous, and they are continually being improved. We can recommend and source them.

FINISHING PLASTERS:  We supply Insulag indoors and Keratuff 2 outdoors.

CLADDING BOARDS:   We can make a variety.   We are still trying to make a true replacement for dense asbestos cement board.

No other fibres perform the same as asbestos but we supply several fibres which are adequate in different applications. They are:

Granulated ceramic fibre

Blown bulk ceramic fibre

Cardboard dust

Water dispersible fibre

Polypropylene fibre

RFT fibre.

Sometimes we use Textiles to get the reinforcing effect.