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Description: A binder for making efficient vermiculite insulation. Add 15% vermiculite medium to 85% binder and add +70% water. It is vibratable, cohesive not spongy, and the water will not separate from it. It stiffens sooner than a ciment fondu bonded mix, and has a lower density. The lower density further reduces the cost per cubic meter.

With ciment fondu (also 85%), vibratable at +70% water you get a wet density of 1,20g.cm³, dry density 0,79g.cm³.

Vermiculite binder gives a wet density of 1,16g/cm³, dry density 0,68/cm³.

Costs; 2019

Ciment fondu costs R 31/kg + VAT
Vermiculite binder costs R 22/kg + VAT
Vermiculite is R 27/kg + VAT

Chemical analysis of product with:

  Ciment fondu Vermiculite binder  
Al2O3 39.0 48.0  
Fe2O3 12.0 1.6  
SiO2 4.5 26.0  
TiO2 2.5 2.0  
CaO 38.5 15.5  
MgO 0.6 1.5  
Na2O 0.1 0.3  
K2O 0.15 0.2