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Hardcast is a range of silicate bonded materials.

It is used in place of concrete where very low permeability is necessary, for acid resistance.

It is also very quick setting, and can be used in thin applications where concrete would be sucked dry before it can set, for example repairs of factory floors.

It can be used to repair acid damaged floors:  Hardcast Acid Resistant Floor Screed.

Hardcast light is acid resistant insulation.

Chloresist is the high temperature version, used in incinerators where chloride attack is the main problem.

Hardcast Fine Acid Resistant Mortar is used as a glue where air setting is not possible, for example when bonding impervious sintered ceramic tubes.

The data sheets are all very similar, just read one and you know all the tricks. Once you have started using Hardcast, you will seldom use concrete again for small jobs.