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Keraset is a range of very hard castable materials based on magnesium oxychloride cements.

They come in two components; powder and liquid. They mix easily and pour freely. After an hour or two they set, generating intense heat. This exothermic reaction is volume sensitive. The larger the casting, the more the heat builds up. For very large castings, special grades are required to prevent the temperature exceeding boiling point, which can cause either foaming or steam explosion.

Keraset is easily coloured. Normally the colours range from pink through red to grey. Black is very attractive. The surface is very opaque, and takes up the exact texture of the mould. A glossy mould gives a glossy casting. Buffing will enhance the gloss.

Keraset 22727 is used for abrasive wheels such as glass bevelling wheels, steel polishing wheels and polishing blocks used by stonemasons. It contains 80 grit fused alumina.

Keraset 22728 is similar but finer, containing 180 grit silicon carbide.

Multimould is a useful moulding material for Keraset, especially for cloning.

Keraset is very hard and abrasion resistant.It will decompose if left standing in water for long periods.

Cold crushing strength after 3 days is 30 MPa, after 6 months 45 MPa.

Mix 68% powder with 32% liquid Keraset Binder.