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Description:   A pure white hydraulic cement, strong and quick setting.   “Kerabond White” is a highly fluid variation which sets in about an hour.

                   Used mostly in high temperature refractories.   We also stock dark brown “Ciment Fondu”.

Chemical Analysis:  

70%   Al₂O₃

27%   CaO

0,35% SiO₂

0,25% Fe₂O₃.

Mineral composition:   Calcium aluminate CA, with some CA.

Bulk density:   About 900kg/m³

Specific gravity:   3,0

Surface area, Blaine:   About 3600cm2 /g =  360m² /kg

Addition:            Typically 22% by weight of mix.

Water addition:   Preferably half of cement weight.

Setting time:       About 3 hours.

                         Kerabond white: About 1 hour.

                         Both have a very strong exothermic reaction.

Strength development:   Half strength in 6 hours, full strength in 7 days.

Shelf life:   About 2 years.

Packaging:   25kg bags

Price, 2019:      Kerabond white R86/kg+VAT        1

                       Ciment Fondu:  R31/kg+VAT       

Development Number: 11403