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These are a range of viscous liquids with very good bonding properties. They are water soluble and highly alkaline. Their chemistry and reactions are complex.

We supply 2:1 silica to soda ratio with a density of 1,54kg/litre, solids content of 44%.  Used in refractory mortars with long shelf life.

We also supply a 3, 3:1 silica to soda ratio with a density of 1,4kg/litre.  It is more reactive and less soluble.

We sometimes stock a “gassing grade” which is made to set instantly on contact with CO₂ gas used in porous bodies like foundry sand.

We manufacture our own variant, called Hardcast Binder, which is designed for use in chemically setting insoluble formulations.

Use with 10% Hardcast hardener  on binder weight.  Typically they set in one hour.

We also make Rapolite binder for a 20minutes setting time.

Packaging:    1kg plastic bottles, 6 kg plastic bottles, 33,5kg polycans, 210litre drums.

We also supply various silicate fillers which work well with sodium silicate and composite fillers for a variety of applications.

Price 2019;  R 32/kg + VAT for all grades.