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A cold setting resin, developed for binding coal fines. It is totally organic, yet it does not burn out before the coal. Other organic binders decompose thermally and the coal briquette disintegrates back into dust before it burns. Mineral binders are pure ash, and tend to encapsulate the coal particles and hamper combustion. Keracoal binder BEHAVES LIKE COAL in a combustion or other chemical process.

Keracoal binder is totally water resistant, and stable immersed in water for years. It is used with an accelerator, so it hardens rapidly by itself WITHOUT A DRYING process. Often water is added to enable the binder content to be reduced. Activator is added after mixing in the binder, 20% 0f binder weight, more if the water content is high.


Briquetting waste coal fines to make a combustable product.

  1. Briquetting waste coal fines to use in coke ovens or char furnaces
  2. Briquetting coal and hematite fines for direct reduction feed.
  3. Briquetting metal fines.

Setting speed: can be varied from 5 minutes to 4 hours by using different activators and percentages..

Keracoal can be fired to 900°C in a reducing atmosphere, and can be quenched in water


2019 Price guide



5kg bottles



25kg Polycans



230kg Drums



1200kg Flobins



20 tons plus in road tankers



Appearance:   pale straw to dark red liquid.

Viscosity @ 25°C:   70 to 160cP

Specific gravity:   1,25

Research & Development: We will undertake to develop a product for you. You define the goals, we quote to achieve them, you only pay if we achieve the goals. We will also undertake to build, commission and operate your plant for you.

Storage; The activator may attack fiberglass and some plastics. Store in metal or high density polypropylene containers.

Development no. 119812