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DESCRIPTION:    Fumed silica. (Volatilised silica / silica fume)     Consists of 0,1 micron to 0,5 micron diameter spheres of amorphous silica.   It is a by product of silicon metal manufacture.


(Sedigraph 5000)

E.S.D.   Cumulative % passing      Si02     92%
40µm 99     C     5-6%
20µm 95     Al203  0,3%
10µm 92     Fe202  0,1%
5µm 90     Ca0  0,1%
1µm 88     MgO    1,3%
O,6µm                  86     Ti02  0,01%
O,5µm                  80     P205    0,05%
0,4µm                  73        
O,3µm                  54        


SPECIFIC SURFACE AREA:    Approximately 20m³

SPECFIC GRAVITY:    2,3g/cm³ = 2300Kg m-³

BULK DENSTTY:  250Kg m-³ loose packed to 400Kg m-³ compressed.

COLOUR:   Off-white to light grey.


Silica fume has an enormous surface area per gram, and when used in formulations this increases the bonding surface by orders of magnitude.   All the super high strength castables, puttys etc. use large doses of silica fume.

It is a filler for the plastics rubber and paint industries, and an excellent suspension agent,

which performs well in an acidic environment where bentonite and many organic suspension agents break down.   It is a strong sintering agent in the metallurgical and ceramic industries.

The above data are typical, but given only for illustration purposes.   We can supply silica fume from a variety of sources, chosen for your particular application.   There will be appreciable differences from batch to batch.   We suggest you buy enough to last you for 6 months, so your batch change adjustments are infrequent.