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Aureus Industrial sites 
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Wilro Park,1731

Description; A cement free castable. It contains over 95% aluminosilicates and hardly any fluxes. Strength increases with temperature, but good thermal shock resistance is retained.

Maximum service temperature; Proven up to 1500ºC, probably in excess of 1600ºC.

Chemical analysis;

Al2 O3 40,9%
Fe2 O3 1.1%
SiO2 54.4%
TiO2 1.61%
CaO 0.37%
MgO 0.58%
Na2 O 0.05%
K2 O 0.44%
P2 O5 0.0%
L.O.I. 0.9%
Total 100.35%

Installation; Add plus 1-.5% Keracast binder to the powder, mix rapdily and vibration cast without delay.

Pilot Plant Code; MPS.