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Keratab is range of refractory materials for electrical applications, where it is in contact with elements. Keratab can be supplied tailor made for the exact application, between an ultrafine creamy pourable material for delicate components and a coarse robust castable. A plasticised material, "Induction Coil Coating" is also part of the range.

All formulations are essentially based on aluminium oxide and contain over 90% Al2 O3. The iron content is less than 0.1% and sodium oxide less than 0.3%

The usual operating temperature is around 1300ºC to 1400ºC. but it could be used safely at 1700ºC.

The colour is white and the texture is fine with a smooth surface.

Thermal shock resistance;
A slab can be heated with an oxyacetylene flame until it melts locally, without the slab cracking.

Applications; Element holding brick, kiln muffles, tubes, electrical connectors etc...

For small production runs of intricate components, a sample can be cloned in keratua by the multimould system.