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Description; Rubycast is a cery string, highly refractory castable for extreme service environments. It flows well during vrbration casting and has excellent thermal shock resistance and abrasion resistance.

Maximum service tenmperature; 17500°C.

Chemical anaylsis

Al2 O3 70.0%
Fe2 O3 0.6%
Cr2 O3 2.3%*
SiO2 25.0%
TiO2 0.2%
CaO 2.0%
K2 O 0.25%

* The chrome oxide is contined in the chrome-alumina agregate, and not as agreen chromic oxide addition.

Density; 2.6 to 2.65 (2.65 tons per cubic meter)

Water addition; 5.5 to 6.8 litres per 100kg.

Cold crushing strength; Dry 80Mpa, 1000°C 90Mpa.

P.L.C. -.18% fired at 1000°C.

Thermal conductivity; 1.5W/mK at 1000°C.

Packaging; 25kg transparent polythene bags.