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Keralite is a range of cellular insulation materials used mainly for precasting, to replace insulating firebricks.

Keralite 1 For high strength, fine finish and intricate castings. Also used for modelling, for its good machinability. Density 1,1 Water addition +35% castable with or without vibration.

Used at up to 1250°C 15kg bags.

Keralite 2 General purpose replacement of IFB's, because it has higher strength and can be moulded to required shape with no cutting or wastage. Has a density of 0,75. Add +45 to +50% water.

They can be used at up to 1220°C. 10kg bags.

Keralite 3 Differs from normal cellular insulation in that the matrix is hollow. It is not supplied in castable form, only precast parts.

Used mainly for its high permeability, even structure and great machinability.

Keralite 4 Has a density of 0,5 and a maximum service temperature of 1230°C. It contains polystyrene balls which give off fumes during initial firing, which irritate ones eyes.

Use with +40% water. 10kg bags, larger than our normal bags.

Keralite 5 A higher temperature material, mainly used in direct gas flame impingement areas. Has a density of 0,95. Develops high strength at 1200°C. Contains fine expanded polystyrene balls.

Add plus 34% water. 15kg bags.