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Description: A microporous calcium aluminate castable for high temperature insulation. The open porosity is 65-70% and the average pore size is ultra fine around 1 to 3 micron.

Maximum services temperature: 1500°C

Chemical Analysis:

Al2O3 82.1%
Fe2O3 0.3%
CaO 16.4%
SiO2 0.5%
MgO    0.5%
Na2O   0.4%

Density: 1,2kg/litre

Cold crushing strength: 10MPa

Permanent linear change after firing to 1500°C -0.7%

Thermal conductivity: at 500°C    0.6W/mK

                                        at 1000°C 0.6W/mK

                                        at 1500°C 0.6W/mK

Water addition for casting

+45% for cohesive vibration castable, 1,22g/cm³

+50% for tapping, dry density. 1,2g/cm³

+55% for self leveling dry density 1,14g/cm³

Sets in 6 hours, high heat of hydration. Drying may start immediately, but take it slowly as with dense castables.

Packaging: 10kg plastic bags

Shelf life: 2years

Development no. 41646