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Description; A cellular insulation refractory for precasting of furnace components. It combines structural strength with good thermal insulation. It has a high porosity, in the form of sealed ceramic microballoons, and a low permeability. It replaces insulation firebricks in kiln linings. Compared to the standard JM23, it has the same thermal conductivity, but much higher strength, and can be cast in any shape, whereas JM23 bricks are cut to shape. It is used as a high strength insulation in high temperature furnaces, e.g. DRH rotary kiln linings.

Maximum service temperature; 1250°C

Density; 0,8g/cm³

Cold crushing strength; 4MPa.

Total porosity; ±68%

Apparent porosity; ±22%

Permanent linear change on firing to 1200°C: 0% to -0,1%

Thermal conductivity at 800°C:

Approximately 0,25W/mK

Colour; Grey unfired, Beige after firing.

Applications; Element support bricks, furnace and kiln walls and roofs. Backlinings of rotary kilns and high temperature furnaces.

Installation; Mix with plus 45% to +50% water and vibration cast.

Packaging; 10kg clear plastic bags.

Chemical analysis;
Al2O3       40.0%
Fe2O3       0.6%
SiO2        52 .0%
CaO          7.0%