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Description; A very fluid insulation pourable material for use up to 800øC.It flows self-levelling and gives a very fine and even texture. Most of the porosity is sealed pores. The permeability is relatively low. The cost per cubic metre is low.

Maximum service temperature; 800°C

Density ; 0,75g/cm³

Cold crushng strength; 6MPa.

Thermal conductivity at 800°C 0,4W/mK.

Colour; Dark brown.

Installation; Mix with +40% water. (4 litres per 10kg bag). Place water in bucket, add powder on top and mix by hand from the bottom upwards. It flows immediately, then goes stiff and flows again. It is ready to pour after two minutes. Pour it directly into the mould. It takes 6 hours to set.

Applications; a self-levelling insulation for for bedding of aluminium launders, bogey decks, kiln cars, etc. Any low temperature insulation.