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Description; A pumpable or pourable insulation refractory with a phenomenally high strength to density ratio.

Maximum service temperature: 1200°C

Physical properties;

Temperature C.C.S Density Porosity P.L.C Conductivity
110oC 19MPa 1.23 50% -0.36%  
400oC 27MPa 1.11 -0.38% 0.28Wmk  
800oC 11MPa 1.04 -0.38% .034Wmk  
1000oC 13Mpa 1.06 -0.62% 0.450W/mk  
1200oC 17Mpa 1.08 -1.97%    

Chemical analysis; 56% Al2O3

Applications;: Ladle insulation: Most insulation materials become crushed in this application. Kerapump has a phenomenally high strength to density ratio and can therefore withstand the stresses of differential expansion better. Hot blast stoves: Kerapump may be pumped through the shell to repair hot spots. Furnace floors: Can easily be made by pouring Kerapump, especially kilns.

Water addition; 30% by weight.

Pilot plant code; MPU