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Description; A dumping mix is a self-levelling castable for discharge directly into the installation. It flows rapidly without any assistance,and de-airs itself. It has very high mechanical strength at all temperatures. It can handle severe thermal shock.

Al2O3 83.3%
Fe2O3 0.09%
Na2O 0.5%
K2O 0.07%
SiO2 24%
CaO 5.3%

Density: 2,79g/cm³ = Use 2,79 tons per m³.

Cold Crushing Strength:

Air Dried 42 MPa      
110°C      68 MPa

99 MPa 

800oC oxidising 98 MPa
800oC reducing 139 MPa
1000oC 84 MPa
1200°C   72 MPa  

 Mixing; Mix with +6% water. Can be mixed in 2 minutes in an ordinary concrete mixer. It flows for about 20 minutes. It should be discharged directly into the mould, since its flow properties do not allow handling in buckets or wheelbarrows. No vibration is needed. Heat of hydration is high, but delayed. (About 7 hours) Drying should be slow and careful, as the material has very low permeability and a very fine pore size distribution.

Packaging; 25kg plastic bags.

Shelf life; 12 months in unpunctured bags.

Test results are based on single cubes.