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DESCRIPTION:  Keratuff 2 is a structural insulating refractory. Insulation materials are normally only usable as a backing or with some kind of structural support.Keratuff 2 has sufficient strength to be a free standing structure. It has low permeability and is easily machined or cut when dried or fired.

APPLICATIONS: Electric kiln walls and element holders, crucible furnace lids, heat shields, masonry protection in charcoal ovens, aluminium launders, burner shields, machined components.


200°C 0,2W/mK
4000C 0, 2W/mK
6000C 0,231W/mK
800°C 0,28mK

MAXIMUM SERVICE TEMPERATURE:  1230°C.           Shrinkage at 1200°C is 1,91.

DENSITY:      0,8 g/cm3 dry.

STRENGTH:   6 MPa at 110°C,         6 MPa fired 1200°c.

COMPOSITION:       Contains Litefill and Hollofill synthetic aggregates and zirconia containing ceramic fibres.

PREPARATION:       Add +40-5O1 water to the powder, mix well and apply it.

It can be vibration cast at +40% water.   Water content is not critical and need not be measured.

Extensive mixing and trowelling improves the fibre dispersion and improves strength.   All particles are less than 1mm diameter. Setting time is about one hour.

COLOUR:      Grey.   Yellow when fired 1200°C.

PACKAGING:           10Kg in thick polythene bags.