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A slatey black refractory plaster to cover brickwork or concrete around fireplaces, braais, pizza ovens, smokers etc.

It is a good thermal insulator, and therefore develops a higher surface temperature and reflects more heat than bricks or concrete. It keeps the heat in the fire, not lost into the structure.

Fire Plaster can stand temperatures up to about 1100°C.  It hides the unsightly soot line which develops over fires, and soot is not noticeable on the black surface of Fire Plaster.

Fire Plaster is quite strong, reinforced with glass fibres which give it properties similar to asbestos cement.  It will withstand a limited amount of impact from logs thrown at it, provided it is well bonded in place.


Mix three parts by weight of plaster to one part water, i.e. 3.3 litres per bag. Wear plastic gloves and mix it by hand in a bucket with a squeezing action. It takes half a minute of shear and pressure to become wet and soft. Poor mixing fails to disperse the glass fibre bundles and strength is wasted.  Dampen the surfaces and then smear the plaster on. Scrape it off and smear it on again until the whole surface is covered with black. Now you can pack it on about 15mm thick and trowel it smooth. It will set in an hour or two, so no lunch break while installing!

You can make a fire 2 hours after plastering.

Packaging: 10Kg plastic bags

Shelf life; about 2 years

Development no. 97601