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Kerafire is a pourable insulation material with properties somewhere between ceramic and resin. It has a silicate bonding system.

Its mixing and setting characteristics are more like resins than cementitious materials, though easier and cleaner to work with.

The most important property is cost, which is way below resin costs, and thereby opens a vast field from which composites have been excluded because of costs.

Kerafire appears to be solid, and the permeability is extremely low.  It therefore outperforms all conventional insulation materials, which are permeable, in extreme environments.

The material is supplied as powder and resin. Typically you use 55 weight parts liquid Synwood binder to 45 weight parts Kerafire powder and pour it.

The wet density is 1.0kg/litre and after drying it is 0,65kg/litre.

It sets between 20 minutes and an hour.

While it is fairly strong, it is easily trimmed or machined.

The powder is grayish in colour. After setting the surface is reddish brown but the interior is grey.

Development no: 114900