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We have many materials for fire prevention and containment.  Many are based on Cellular Insulation technology, and many include almost impervious microstructures to exclude oxygen.

Fire proof paint  is a very hard paint, not flexible. It is thermally insulating and very impervious, to keep oxygen from the combustible substrate.

Intumescent Paint looks like a normal high quality white paint but when suddenly heated it expands to become thermally insulating.

Electric Blue is a sticky insulation supplied wet, for application onto plastic coated cables.

Oxycoat is a refractory paint to retard oxidation of steel at high temperatures. Oxidation eventually starts behind it, and has to be sand blasted off and replaced. It can extend the life of a hot steel shell by years if used as a maintenance measure, but is not very effective as fire protection.

Kerafire is a pourable insulation which sets quickly, takes days to dry and gives excellent insulation.

Insulag 2 is a plaster with excellent insulation and it absorbs heat during a fire, retarding the heat transmission still further.  Not for use outdoors, use Keratuff 2 outdoors. Fibre Plaster is a high temperature insulation plaster supplied wet, ready to use.

Reforce is a ceramic coating applied by dipping non-woven textile into it and then wrapping around pipes or “wallpapering” sensitive surfaces. It has high rigidity.

Fireproof ceiling boards were developed for sugar mills, and can replace conventional ceiling boards if the anchoring system is also fire resistant.

Insulgun is a high quality insulation which can be qunited and sticks well, even onto raw coal.