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An extremely sticky insulating ceramic for fire protection of cable trays.

 Colour; Blue

 Composition;  Quartz free and asbestos free. Contains mostly closed cell ceramic bubbles, spun ceramic fibre, zirconia- ceramic drawn fibres, organic binders, plasticisers and moisture retainers, inorganic binders, plasticisers and ablative materials. Contains no toxic or hazardous materials and has no restrictions on disposal.

 Density; 1,14g/m³

Thermal conductivity; After initial flames, drops to O,3W/mK.

 Melting point; 1250°C

 Application;  Clean cables and trays from dust and oil. Rub material onto surface to make it stick. Build up to 20mm thick, 30mm if ambient temperature is high, 50mm where fire hazard is particularly high, eg. solvent store, gas bottles, Oxygen lines. Paint with roof paint if exposed to rain.

 Packaging;  6kg in 10 litre buckets, 12kg in 20 litre buckets.