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Hardcast is a product range based on a complex silicate bonding system.   It is totally inorganic, quick setting, strong, acid resistant and refractory.   Hardcast is also made in plaster and casting grades.   Hardcast is also available as a lightweight insulation material.   The lightest is the injectable insulation, with a density of 0,3g/cm³.   Normally the density is around 2,2 to 2,4g/cm³.

Hardcast sets within 2 hours, and is fully serviceable within 24 hours.   It can be applied to any structurally sound surfaces.   Damp floors or dirty floors should first be painted with Hardcast binder. Hardcast is fully resistant to Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid and organic acids.   It is not resistant to Hydrofluoric acid or alkalis.

Hardcast Floor Screed is supplied in two parts; 20Kg bags of beige powder and 33.3Kg drums of the liquid Hardcast Binder (or 7kg bottles).   Add +50% binder to the powder.   (Two parts powder to one part binder by weight)     Shelf life is virtually indefinite in unpunctured bags.

Hardcast Floor Screed has a viscous consistency and spreads easily, but is difficult to get flat and smooth.     It should preferably be placed within 20 minutes of mixing, and should not be left exposed for more than 10 minutes, as it forms a thin air-set skin which will not bond.   Cover the surface with geotextile or cloth as soon as it develops a dry skin.   (About 5minutes, depending on humidity.)   Cover with plastic if you want to bond more material on top.  If you do not cover the surface, it pulls tight and tears open.

After mixing powder and liquid the colour is light orange.   It can easily be coloured by adding hardware store oxides.

All Hardcast materials form a thin air dry skin on the surface.   This surface is not chemically set, and must be washed off after installation.   Washing is complete once the soapy feel has been replaced by a sandy feel.

Hardcast Floor Screed can be used as a backing layer for acid resistant tiles.  

Hardcast is not porous and will not absorb liquids.

Hardcast sets rapidly on hot surfaces.

MOULDING:     Hardcast is useful for moulding.   The smooth impervious surface takes up very fine detail.   The fairly low opacity allows easy colouring.   It releases very easily from all smooth surfaces, but bonds well to rough and porous surfaces.     After it has set, about 2 hours after mixing, it has a very slight shrinkage and releases a liquid alkaline liquid which loosens the casting.   It is easily released after 2 hours, but not so easily after 12 hours or more, as crystals form in the release liquid which stick to rigid surfaces.   It releases from most surfaces but sticks to glass.

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