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Hardcast is a product range based on a complex silicate bonding system. It is totally inorganic, quick setting, strong, acid resistant and refractory. Hardcast sets within 2 hours, and is fully serviceable within 24 hours. It can be applied to any structurally sound surfaces. Damp floors or dirty floors should first be painted with Hardcast binder. This treatment will also neutralise acids on the surface. Hardcast is fully resistant to Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid and organic acids. It is not resistant to Hydrofluoric acid. Hardcast has a compressive strength of around 60MPa. i.e. twice the strength of a good structural concrete. Hardcast can be made to suit any requirements:

Particle size; Coarse castable, mortar or coating.

Surface texture; Smooth, sandy or rough.

Colour; Light beige, concrete colour, red, blue, white, green, black and most other colours at a slightly increased cost.

Hardcast typically costs around R8 400/tonne. Installed cost is typically R25 per mm thick per square metre. Therefore R672 per square metre at 1 inch thick. Hardcast is also available as a lightweight insulation material. The lightest is the injectable insulation, with a density of 0,3g/cm³. Normally the density is around 2,2 to 2,4g/cm³.

Hardcast has a thick viscous consistency, and requires experience with installation. The first installation should be done by an experienced operator. Hardcast is supplied in two parts; 25Kg bags of powder and 33.3Kg drums of the liquid Hardcast binder. Add +14% binder to the powder. Hardcast is also made in plaster and fine grades. Shelf life is virtually indefinite in unpunctured bags.