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Buzz Off is a dangerous highly flammable pyrotechnic material for use only in emergencies.  It is used to drive unwanted bees from an inaccessible hive.  It will usually kill most of the bees.  The smoke contains hydrochloric acid, which can cause serious corrosion.

Before deciding to use Buzz Off, consider the following alternatives;   Will a beekeeper perhaps remove them for you?  Can you seal up the nest?

If you can, do so immediately after the bees have moved in, otherwise you may have problems and smells arising from the decaying matter.


Consider the probable shape and extent of the cavity. Is there likely to be flammable material in the cavity?  Don't consider using it in a roof.

Are there any plastic electrical conduits passing through the cavity? Does the cavity open into your house?  If so, block off all possible openings.

Before using Buzz Off, light a teaspoonful in a safe place so you can see what heat and smoke you will be applying.

Use Buzz Off at night when the bees are inactive. Be alert for live bees crawling on the ground outside afterwards, and bees attracted to a light during the night.

Buzz Off ignites very easily and requires no oxygen to burn.  Do not compact it, as it may explode.

Store out of reach of children and away from heat and electricity. 

Buzz Off and its residue are poisonous to plants and animals and people.

Dev No: 16500