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Aluminosilicate thermal insulation paper.   Good thermal stability and excellent thermal shock resistance, good chemical stability and tensile strength, low heat storage.


Backup insulation, furnace door seals, thermal shock protection, parting medium, increasing reflectivity.


AI2O3                                             46

SiO2                                      51

Fe2O3                                   1.0

Na2O3 + K2O                         0.5

CaO+MnO2  + TiO2

+ Trace elements                    1.5


Maximum continuous service temperature         1260°C 

Colour                                                        white

Bulk density                                                160kg/m3

Thermal conductivity (mean value)                     at 260°C             0.06W/m.K

                                                               at 400°C             0.08W/m.K

                                                               at 600°C             0.1W/m.K

                                                               at 800°C             0.12W/m.K

                                                               at 1000°C           0.2W/m.K

PACKAGING                                   sold per square metre. 

Full rolls in cartons with plastic liner:       1mm x 40m x 610mm

                                                    3mm x 20m x 610mm

                                                    6mm x 10m x 610mm

1220mm rolls available on order.

Dev No: 71400

HEALTH & SAFETY           Harmless before use, wear mask when removing used fibre.