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Keratex is a woven aluminosilicate cloth, reinforced with fine nickel-chrome wires.    Conventional refractory fibre blankets are either asbestos based or have organic material woven in.   Keratex is completely asbestos free.   Keratex contains less than 2% organic matter.   It is very strong, flexible and light.   Keratex can withstand 980°C.   It is normally used as a screen for radiant heat from temperature sources much higher than 980°C, but the textile itself seldom reaches its temperature limit.


Keratex remains flexible at high temperature.   It only breaks down slowly by abrasion.   It does not shrink.   It has very good chemical resistance.   It is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalies.   It is not affected by water and steam.   Screens are not impervious, but stop most of the air flow through them. 


Applications:   Curtains to limit convection air flow at furnace doors.   Curtains to separate different heat zones of furnaces or ovens.   Screens to shield operators from radiant heat.   Temporary screens for operators during gunning and hot repair.   Protection of hot floors during gunning or other repair.      Entrance and exit barriers in continuous heat treatment processes.


Width:  980mm.   Roll length:  42m.

Strips can be stitched with thin element wire.


Dev no:                1200