Factory:  Corner Steyr & Alfa Sts 
Aureus Industrial sites 
Email: info@keramicalia.co.za
Website: www.keramicalia.co.za
Cell: Dave  082  808 4757
Email: keraccounts@iafrica.co.za
Accounts: Myrtle Wakeford
Tel: (011) 764 2139
Tel: (011) 412 3261
P O  Box 2288
Wilro Park,1731

Some of these products are imported, others sourced locally, and stocked at Keramicalia.

Anti Theft Materials:

We make castables to resist burglars.

Safe Reforcing. We sell various materials for you to concrete.  We make a cable theft prevention cement for cable trays.

Buzz Off:   destroys unwanted bee hives.

Ceramic pipes/ tubes:  We keep a lot of ceramic tubes, thermocouple sleeves, beads etc. mostly 5mm to 25mm O.D. and 100mm to 800mm long.

Electrical: In line with our “one stop furnace shop” policy we now stock programmable controllers, set point controllers, thermocouples, elements and line taps.

High Temperature grease: High temperature grease is another obscure product which we make.

Incinerators:  We manufacture electric incinerators for hospital waste.

keracomp:  is a steel fibre-ceramic composite which works in those extremely ardious  applications where both refractory and metals fail.  We make Hand held lances from Keracomp.

Keralith:  Is an ultra low thermal expansion material with which we do prefired castings.

We manufacture most of the components for kilns, and can supply off the shelf all you need except the steelwork for your furnace.

Loose fibres: We stock coarse polypropylene fibres, fine cellulose fibres, "Granulated ceramaic fibres", water dispersable glass fibres and RFT fibres (rapid fire technology).

Markers: We manufacture cobalt oxalate Crayons which make an almost unreadable pink marking, which turns black at 300°C and then bright blue at 1000°C.  The marking therefore tells you whether                    the sample is air dry, cured or fired.  We also manufacture wax crayons with iron oxide or manganese oxide pigments.  A few temperature indicating crayons are normally available. These                       are brilliant for measuring surface temperatures.  We supply stamping inks in chrome oxide green and cobalt black.

Metals:  We normally have small stocks of expanded metal and hexmetal, and some stainless steel melt extract fibres.  We supply some custom made chills and ingot moulds.

 Papers:  Ceramic fibre paper is stocked in 1mm and 3mm thick; Graphite Paper is stocked in 1mm and 2mm thick;  Mica paper is sometimes stocked.

Ceramic pipes/ tube:  We keep a lot of ceramic tubes, thermocouple sleeves, beads etc. mostly 5mm to 25mm O.D. and 100mm to 800mm long.

Porcelain:  We do some porcelain and cordierite specialties

We are offering Ferrosilicon balls in various sizes, but have not yet found a market.

Pyrometric cones:  We manufacture Orton pyrometric cone sets.  They measure cumulative heat treatment rather than just temperature.

Safety equipment:Sometimes we have safety equipment in stock.

Textiles:  Ceramic Fibre Blanket is always stocked in 96kg/m³ 25mm thick 1260ºC.  It comes in rolls of 7m x 610mm; Geotextile is a non woven fabric used as a carrier for Keraforce.

              A thinner carrier is SBP.

keratex is a woven composite of ceramic fibre and thin stainless steel wire.

skin safe is itch-free rockwool

We bring in graphite felt for vacuum furnaces.