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A phosphate bonded chrome alumina mortar with green chrome oxide (5%) Total Cr₂O₃ 10,4%.  The aggregate is fused chrome alumina.

Maximum service temperature:          1700°C

Maximum particle size:                        0,2mm

Consistency:                                          Like toothpaste

Colour:                                                   Grey-Green

Density:                                                 2,6g/cm³

Joints of 1mm thick can be made, with a grab time of 10 to 15 seconds. Consumption of 50g on 230mm x 114mm.

Shelf life:  About 5 years. Re-mixing is labour intensive after 2 years, but no liquid needs to be added.

pH:2;                       Highly acidic

Chemical analysis, loss free ( LOI 21%)

Al₂O₃                       74,6%

Fe₂O₃                      0,28%

Cr₂O₃                      12,1%

SiO₂                        1,85%

CaO                          0,3%

MgO                         0,1%

Na₂O                        0,3%

K₂O                          1,6%

P₂O₅                        8,9%

Packaging:            20Kg in 10litre plastic buckets with plastic liners.

Development No:   15038

Claimer: The above information had better be correct as Dave Onderstall stakes his reputation on it.