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Keramor 9 is a chrome-alumina mortar with particularly high strength and adhesion, and virtually no shrinkage. Keramor 9 is a relatively coarse mortar, with a maximum particle size of 0,4mm. The water content is only 10%. The shrinkage is very close to zero, and it actually expands at 1500ºC. Consequently it allows no slag penetration. Keramor 9 is heat-setting and develops very high strength.

Particle size distribution;    
+425µm     0%
-425æm +210µm     35%
-210æm +106µm     25%
-106æm +45µm     11%
-0,045µm     29%

Chemical analysis;

Al2O3 80.0%
SiO2 4%
Fe2 O3 0.5%
Cr2O3 10.0%
TiO2 0.2%
MgO 0.5%
CaO 1.0%
K2O 1.0%
Na2O 0.2%

Applications; Areas of high erosion Areas of agressive slag attack Areas where high strength and adhesion are required.