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A sculpture Medium.


Mix powder and resin to clay consistency and model to desired shape. Push wires into the wet clay for adding appendages like ears etc. Leave for about half an hour to set before adding appendages. Carve the details. Fresh material can be added to build up detail.  Surface may be smoothed with Alusmear or Sandable wall filler. Sand it smooth and paint it, or add texture as desired.


Make a rough frame for the hollow interior out of wood, re-bar, wire or polystyrene. Cover it with birdmesh, chicken mesh, expanded metal or whatever appropriate for the size. Cover the surface with geotextile and tie it to the mesh frame with wire. Paint it with Mastercarve Resin and allow to harden.

Cover with Mastercarve and resin in a smearable consistency (about 60 parts resin to 40 parts powder).  Leave for half an hour to set and then add detail in clay consistency, or add another stiffer layer if sculpture is large.   Carve it roughly and see if you need to add more material any where.   Add and remove material until perfect.  Leave the natural texture or sand it smooth once dry.  Decorate further.


Artists who wish to use renaissance type skills to chisel from a block, can take a mix of 55 parts resin to 45 parts powder and pour it into a box. It sets in 20 minutes.  You cannot “cheat” by pushing wires in.