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Bio White is a refractory coating: it is hard, strong, totally UV resistant and weatherproof. Bio White is a powder which reacts exothermically to form a hard calcium aluminate hydrate crystalline  compound. It is normally used impregnated into biotextile, a non-woven textile carrier and reinforcing medium. Bio White has a matt white appearance similar to marble.

Bio White can withstand temperatures in excess of 1400°C.

It sets hard in about an hour. High ambient temperatures accelerate set, so does enclosing to eliminate evaporative cooling.   Thermal insulation also accelerates setting.  A large casting will set in a few minutes and get so hot as to generate steam explosions. 

Bio White will replicate the exact texture of a mould. A perfectly smooth mould generates a glossy finish.

Mixing: add 35 weight parts water to 100 weight parts Bio white powder and mix by hand. Use small quantities of mix at a time, not more than 2kg. It is very fluid, too fluid for a gel coat. It can be made into a gel coat by adding 0,1% methocel  J75MS into the powder before mixing water.

Packing: 20kg bags +3m²  Biotextile

Shelf life: 2 years

Development no. 132209