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A moulding compound for reproduction of perfect detail. It is gelatin based and melts at low temperature in a microwave oven.   On melting it will be full of very fine bubbles.   You may want to give them time to rise to form a foam on the surface which you can skim off.  Block mould it over an intricate model and reproduce the item.   The model must be dry.   Silicone makes an impeccable positive in Marmould.   Production moulds can be taken off the silicone with Multimould.   Water based casting materials damage Marmould, and after three castings the moulds are no longer perfect.   After the first melting, Marmould has a limited lifespan.   Use it within three months.

See photos of a puff adder mould.   The fifth generation ceramic snakes are still extremely detailed.Marmould is edible.   You can add flavours and colouring to make treats, much like wine gums, but  softer.