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A simple furnace can be made cheaply with parts from Keramicalia for slumping glass;

Element panel;                                 R1732 + VAT

6 x insulating firebricks @ R140 ea   R840.00 + VAT

Keratuff 2 base                                R 31/Kg + VAT

4 x test cubes for legs

Calcium silicate bench protector       R555.00 + VAT

7 kg Electricast @ R84/kg                R588.00

Ceramic fibre blanket                        R308.00 + VAT

 Note: If you do not use the legs and bench protector you will burn a large hole through your workbench.


Make a heavy, high thermal mass slumping mould from Electricast.

Assemble the furnace.

Place the mould in the furnace and switch it on.

Leave for about 4 hours.

Check for steam with a piece of cold glass.

Once dry, switch off the element panel and allow assembly to cool.

Place glass on top of mould.

Close "door" and switch on.

After an hour, slide door open just a crack and watch glass bending.

Just before slumping is complete, switch off element panel.

Close door and allow to cool slowly.

Note: If normal lightweight moulds are used, the cooling will be too rapid, and the glass will become stressed and crack.