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A permeable gold casting material with extremely fine detail.  It is pourable and sets in 5 minutes.

Use wax based release agents as these tend to push all bubbles off the surface.

Mix with plus 60%water, adding the powder into the water, i.e. 100 weight parts powder to 60 weight parts water.    By volumes this is 100cc powder to 88cc water.

Mix by hand until all lumps are dispersed.  (About 2 minutes)  Pour from a height to form a thin stream into the mould. This stretches and destroys the larger bubbles.

Harmonite sets in 5 minutes and expands slightly.  The expansion results in it releasing easily from the model but sticking tightly in the box.

Dry the Harmonite at 170C for 2 hours before pouring metal into it.

Density;   Powder, loose fill;  0,68g/cc.

                  Wet mix;  1,68g/cc

                  Air dry mould;

                  170C dried mould;

                  Grams of powder required per cc of mould;  

Development no.  17854