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Both are remeltable copolymers for highly elastic moulds. Both are substitutes for silicones, their main advantage being that they are cheaper, quicker,and re-usable. Mistakes cost only time. Vinamold was imported from the U.K. Multimould is made in Randfontein by Keramicalia.

Hardness; Similar

Elasticity; Similar

Heating; Vinamold manufacturers recomend a heated oil jacket, Keramicalia uses microwaves. Both yield a disaster if burned.

Density; Multimould is high density, 2,75. it has zirconium silicate added to give it better flow under gravity, higher heat capacity to reduce pouring lines especially on metal models.

Opacity; Multimould has opacifier added so that the surface finish is clearly visible on the mould. With Vinamould which is more transparent, surface defects are sometimes only apparent on the casting.

Shelf life; Vinamold surfaces deteriorate and moulds cannot be stored for more than a year. Multimould shows no deterioration after 10 years.

Toxicity; Vinamould is slightly toxic, Multimould is not.

Odour;  Multimould now has less odour than Vinamould and can be used as moulds for sweets, chocolate and soaps.