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A paste for coating metal parts which come into contact with molten aluminium.   It has various other applications where a hard ceramic coating is needed.   It is a very sticky white paste which smears easily onto metal surfaces.   It is normally used with Keratex fiberglass open weave.   This netting helps with the application, keeps an even thickness and helps to overcome stresses of differential thermal expansion.

It contains a lot of colloidal silica and a small percentage of organic thickener.   It goes stiff after long storage, and can be re-mixed to paste without adding any liquid.   Re-mixing may leave some lumps, but the fiberglass sorts them out.


Smear a layer onto the surface to be protected.   Press a layer of open-weave fiberglass into it and coat with a further layer until the desired thickness is reached.   Use gloves to apply it, because the colloidal silica roughens the skin, and the Alusmear takes a while to wash off.   Wash it off all skin and clothing before it dries because it STICKS!   Dry the coating before immersing it in molten metal.   120C is adequate.

You can dilute it and paint it onto crumbling brickwork to restore the surface.

Shelf life;

Several years under cool storage conditions.


8 kg plastic buckets.