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Description;     A fine lightweight filler for plastics, resins, silicones, polyurethanes etc.

The particles are hollow bubbles.

Density;     O,025 - O,029g/cm3 (25 to 29kg/m3)

Composition;     Copolymer plastic.

Particle size;     5 to 100 micron, mostly around 60 micron.

Particle shape;     Spherical.

pH:     3 to 4 in water.

Solubility;     Can be dissolved in dimethylacetamide or dimethylformamide.

Toxicity;     None.

Hazards;     The extreme low density and fine particle size allow it to float readily in air, causing irritation when inhaled and an explosion hazard.

Mixing;     Use a covered mixer with a horizontal blade, e.g. a ribbon blender or Z-blade mixer, or pre-wet the Kerafluff in the bag.   Kerafluff is most unpleasant to work with dry.

Claimer: This information had better be right, because Dave Onderstall stakes his reputation on it.