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Sorel cement is a very hard cement composed of magnesium oxychloride.   There are thousands of variations on the formulation.

Our sorel cement development no. 127076 is a plain sorel cement with no fillers added.   Abrasive

grits are commonly added to sorel cements to make polishing wheels or polishing ‘blocks’ for

polishing of granite.   Sawdust or cork grindings are added to make high quality flooring,

eg. Corkalium.   Vermiculite can be added to make high strength thermal insulation materials.

Sorel may be impregnated into textiles to make them totally rigid.   All reinforcing materials are

suitable for sorel cements.

Mixing ratios may be varied through a wide range.   It is supplied in 20kg bags of powder and 5,8kg plastic bottles of liquid binder.   53 weight parts powder to 47 weight parts ‘resin’ gives a pourable material with a 1 hour ‘pot life’.   Putty consistency sets faster and harder. In watery mixes with no

filler, the powder settles and the bottom of the casting may expand appreciably.   The setting

reaction is highly exothermic and large castings get very hot.   Setting time ranges from 3 hours to

12 hours, depending a lot on sample size, (larger is faster) ambient temperature and the thermal conductivity of the mould material.

The cement is easy to work with and clean. Wash with water. Castings can be fettled or trimmed

easily up to 12 hours after demoulding. Between 1 and 2 days old they are good for sanding. After 2 weeks full strength is reached and no machining is practical.

Sorel cements have good adhesion to most surfaces and can be used to give a hard finish to plaster, cement, concrete, particle board, polystyrene, polyurethane foam, particle board, even cardboard.

It can be painted on easily.

Filler ratios are impossible to specify, but any mix with roughly equal bulk VOLUME parts of powder, resin and filler will work. The water content of fillers should be watched, the results can disastrous

if bone dry sawdust is used, since it swells with enormous force. Wet sawdust will shrink as it dries

and contribute nothing to the structure.

Sorel cement is an excellent substitute for polyester resin in fiberglass. Sorel is more rigid, fireproof,

UV immune, more forgiving in gel time, and an absolute pleasure to work with compared to

polyester resin.