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19 October 2017

Dear readers,

Every year the engineering faculty of University of Johannesburg holds a “Concrete boat race”. Teams consist of 7 students who are required to build a “concrete boat” using Portland cement. Students are also required to find a sponsor from the industrial sector to finance the project. This year the boat design had to be a Makorro.




You are a project team member within a company specializing in the design and development of specialized water craft. Your company is approached by the Government of Botswana to design, develop and construct a concrete prototype of an environmentally sustainable two-man open top makorro to be used in the Okavango Delta to transport tourists (one tourist per makorro). A makorro is defined as a lightweight narrow boat, typically pointed at both ends and open on top, propelled by a standing or kneeling pooler facing the direction of travel using a slender pole or single paddle. The client requires the prototype to be tested in South Africa at a watersports event to be held on Saturday the 14th of October 2017 at a location to be disclosed in due course. Mr Kruger at the University of Johannesburg is appointed by the client as the coordinator of this project on their behalf.


I opted to sponsor a team to build a Makorro boat with a polystyrene shell, covered in our “ Boat Cement”, impregnated into Geotextile.

Our boat was the best resemblance of a Makorro ad we were the only team that managed to have one paddler standing. Our team were the best dressed and showed the most spirit, therefore were awarded the “Carnival” trophy. We won the second prize of R4000 for construction and third place in the overall race. (In one heat, all 5 boats competing sank). We left with the most medals.

Practising @ Florida LakePractising @ Florida Lake

Boat, decorated

Prize Giving Ceremony

I think this is a great experience for engineering students to actually design and build something. I think they learned a lot.

Best regards,
Dave and the Keramicalia team.