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You can now buy your own pizza oven which is small enough for home use.

It is portable and weather resistant and, can be placed outside in your braai area. It is a genuine pizza oven, with a wood fire inside, giving genuine pizza flavor.

A pizza bake is much more entertaining than a braai. Everyone makes their own pizza of their design and no two pizzas are identical!

Don’t worry about the dough, you can buy ordinary bread dough from the bakery or pre-made pizza bases . All the recipes are in the handbook.

The oven takes 20minutes to heat up, and cooks 2 pizzas at a time, faster than you can prepare them. Takes 4 minutes to cook.

The dome is a lightweight refractory material which radiates heat well. The outside remains cool enough to touch. The floor is made of a dense, hard smooth refractory with high heat retention.

Installation: Put it down anywhere outside at a floor height close to 1,1 metres and start cooking .Place spaces (bits of tile will do) under each corner so that the base is raised off the floor. Make a fire in the back of the oven and run it for 20minutes before you start cooking. Keep a flame going all the time you are cooking

Price: R12 353.00 + VAT includes paddle, tongs cutter and recipe book. 


Base:         820mm wide by 920mm long

Inside area: 840mm deep by 695mm wide

Height:       700mm